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Girls in real life and on social media.

The Real Her

Df1a9c9a4e984ac064468aeb1e68d895by Poetic Dela18 Nov 2017

An era of beauty
Slowly perishes
A generation of
Indecent femines
Slowly emerges
Future mothers become
Future burdens
The pride of an African lady
Becomes obselete
Beauty without brains become rampant
Selfies, Likes and followers becomes relevant
Ohema facebooks instead of facing her books
She exposes her body on Instagram
Instead of exposing her intelligence
Snap chatting turns into a habit
She slowly becomes a phone addict
Parties, shows and concerts
becomes her interest
Cooking, praying and fellowships turns into her stress
She doubts her beauty
Just because her Instagram likes are just a few
Makeup and looks turns into a priority
Prayer and her books become her minority
After breakups
A soft heart becomes stone
An innocent soul becomes evil
And revenge turns into an aim
After the lust for material things
Dignity is lost
Self-esteem falls at it's lowest peak
Disgrace a companion
Ohema's new appearance
Amazes me
I guess
The real her has been traded
For something else.

By: Poet Dela