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I wrote this poem for my SUNSHINE🌻

Hope she likes it
And I hope you like it too!

SUNSHINE 🌻 (By: Poet Dela)

Df1a9c9a4e984ac064468aeb1e68d895by Poetic Dela11 May 2018

Just like the Sunflower
The rays from her skin
pierces my eyes

Her smell is exactly
as that of the oil gotten
from the sunflower
Which boost my energy
and immunity

Her smile, as catchy
as a sunflower
Just like the sun
Her beauty scorches
so hard
Her clothes plays
the role of the Ozone layer

Yet still,
The rays from
her skin penetrates her
clothes so deep,
leaving holes as
though they were designs

Even though she shines
so bright as the Venus
Her sense of fashion
is very appealing to the eye
Her beautiful Kaba makes her
look as colourful as the rainbow

Even though she scorches
very hard like the sun does

The sight of her tears introduces
a very weird feeling
to my emotions
Not only do I get attracted to
that sweet smell she possess
But her sweat also turns me on

I get tempted to imagine her
with me any time I take a shower
Her voice sounds exactly like
the birds in the morning
I could pen down sonnets
all day about her

But I lack the appropriate
expressions to describe
her unique beauty

My ink would fail me if
I write a letter to her,
Her beauty is beyond
description and
doesn't call for writing of letters

Cos no amount of words
could be enough to express
how I feel about her

I just hope the wind blows
this piece to her room
Even though we belong to
two separate world.

Poetic Yesu.