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Women. Power. Love.

After God Fear Woman (Written by: Poetic Dela)

Df1a9c9a4e984ac064468aeb1e68d895by Poetic Dela04 Aug 2019

Mothers call them daughters
Friends refer to them as Girlfriends
Husbands call them their wives
How do you call them?

I know you wonder not
whom I aim at describing
But hey, their description
may be very misguiding

Because to one person
they are one of the most
beautiful things
God has ever created
but to another, they just
give an escort

They say, " behind every
successful man there is a woman"
but some say
"behind every "suck-sex-feel"
smile on a man's face, there is a woman

Oh yes!
If we could see the actual face
behind those make-ups, then we
wouldn't have to employ the services
of lenses

If we could tell the actual motive
behind some messages in our dms,
then we wouldn't have
several unread messages

If they should have the patience
to listen to us when conflict
sets in,
then there would be no need for
drama on social media, then

and ohh...,
if they could show
us to the world
then "Trust" wouldn't be a word
for the gods

But wait!
If we can control our sexual urges
at the sight of big ‘asses’ and ‘boobs’
on social media
then there be no need for
issues relating to insecurity

If we could appreciate the small naturally
gifted and good looking ‘boobs’ and ‘ass’
as well
then there will be no need for knives

If we can appreciate them and see
them as goddesses
and blaspheme for them
then there would be no need
for a Side Ni99a

Yes we can!
We can also expect less from them
and avoid blueticks and heartbreaks
We can come out real and truthful
and avoid disses and heartaches

But don't blame us!
Blame the generation before us

Oh yes because
they made the union
of a man and woman look like
a bed of roses

They made having kids look so easy
even though we never witnessed how
they did it
We only saw the visuals on
the internet

But let's look at this
We came into this world through
We had good nutrition with the aid
of their breasts

If we put aside the motive
of going back into the hole we came from
and the aim of feeling every nipple we see
then they will feel appreciated and loved

Trust will be constant
Love will be the solid foundation
Hope will be the discussion
and happiness the goal

if they also put aside
a bit of the filters on snap,
tone down the makeup,
reduce the telenovelas and
soap operas
and also the craze for likes and followers

Then the popular saying
tasteth good on every lip

It's all love.
Poetic Yesu.