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This poem is dedicated to all the people out there who feel remorse for the way they have been behaving in the past and are trying to change and make a new start. It is about telling that special woman you love, that you mean it, directly from the heart!

The Woman I Love

Wayne_with_beardby E. Wayne Searles04 Apr 2014

To the woman I love
with long blonde hair and a beautiful smile
My love for you
there is absolutely no denial

I send you this card
to put a smile on your lovely face
To show you how much I care
all the way from this distant place

I long to hold your hand again
and go for walks with you
We can bring the dogs
and the boys too

You all are my family
who are so dear to me
I send you this card
because this, I want you to see

Here are my kisses
and my hugs all in one
I truly love you
and I’m sorry for everything I’ve done

Written by Author: E. Wayne Searles
31 March 2014
Dedicate to my wife Martina