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My father died in 2006 and we had no chance to say goodbye. He left without us forgiving each other for our past. This is based on true feelings and has been written to touch others who might be going through the same thing.

I Visit In Peace

Wayne_with_beardby E. Wayne Searles04 Apr 2014

Visiting your grave
allowing my mixed emotions to flee
Not wanting to be sad or angry
even though you were mean to me

Somehow there was mutual resentment
between the both of us
Never truly understanding why
all we did was fight and fuss

It took me a while
but yet here I am
It must mean I loved you
and I must give a damn

I am really sorry
our minds were clouded with confusion and trouble
I visit you today
to find peace and get out of this bubble

I want to live
having good memories of you
To forget all of the problems we had
it is way over due

I give you these flowers
to make you smile as you watch from above
I do this for you in remembrance
and with a whole lot of love

Written by Author: E. Wayne Searles on 31 March 2014

Copyright © 2013 E.Wayne Searles All Rights Reserved