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for the hated and loved ones..


Pz-avatarby nez05 Dec 2019

Eyes are cursed by fire
Sobbing tears of worst desire
Lonely or sleepy...Is this love?
Lungs are shrinking as the curve
It’s always my fate!

Never woke up from this dream,
Now it’s a nightmare full of screams
Staring at the strange ugly dove
Felt like today is summer for love
It’s always my fate!

I’m closed in a black shell;
Sometimes it’s worse than hell
This is how it serves
This is what I deserve
It’s always my fate!

Heave is waiting for me,
Where I’m dying to drink a tea
The door has kept ajar,
I’m so blind that it seems afar
It’s always my fate!

The wound is getting deeper;
With the pain, I’m cheaper
The delight of spring has faded;
Summer has brought me a new maid
It’s always my fate!

The moments are like waves
Not giving me what I crave
Gained power I search of truths;
It hurts, but it also soothes
It’s always my fate!