The life of Rabbit

20200519_130654by Julie La Rue22 Sep 2019

There are some Rabbits that are very Lucky cause they get a loving
home with someone that loves them and cares for them. They get some
attention they get pick up and petted. But there are others that are not
so lucky cause they are just kept in cages all the time and fed just be
fatten up to killed to eat! They get no love or attention. And I believe that
all bunnies deserve a loving home and that no bunny deserve to be treated
Cruelly which I think that just raising them to kill and eaten is.
Bunnies deserve be loved and care for cause that's all they want.
They are creatures that God made too and I for one is glad he did.
Cause when I have a bunny in the house I think it gives the house
more life. Rabbits have a right to live too!