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Based on the Christian story of the three wise men, this poem explores timeless issues surrounding travellers who take aid into war zones.


New_outfit_rotatedby Claire Baldry14 Oct 2014

A banker, a chemist, a guy with some scent,
Seeking to find what their lives really meant,
Packed a bag with deodorant, toothbrush and flannel,
And embarked on a journey with motor and camel.
The world stared in horror, viewed their route with suspicions
Of explosives and bullets and subversive missions,
Dodging snipers, wild rockets, a smoky sunrise,
Was this quest to the East by three men who were wise?
But the aid brought to victims of a fight without glory
A flicker of hope in a desperate story.
The evening was sultry, the lighting flashed wild
On the night they took gifts to the humble boy child,
Swaddled and cosy, unaware of the danger,
A refuge of hope in the shape of a manger.
A moment in time, a history freeze frame,
Reflecting our circle of conflict and shame,
A blink of escape from war and dissent,
For a banker, a chemist, a guy with some scent