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Our new demon....the internet troll

Beware of the Trolls

New_outfit_rotatedby Claire Baldry14 Oct 2014

They like to jab a needle in a touchy space,
An online provocation right against your face,
They seek your darkest corners and invade your souls,
They are nasty, wormlike phantoms, called the internet trolls

They post a ghastly picture, then they disappear,
Swamp your page with troubles and invade your fear,
They tunnel under virtual ground, sneaky facebook moles,
They are shadows in your backyard, called the internet trolls

They gather several emails so can change their name,
This lets them work in secret, they can hide their shame,
You’ll hardly ever spot them, as they chase their goals,
They are damaged friendless beings, called the internet trolls

So children, in your nightmares, filled with thoughts you dread,
Be grateful for the monsters underneath your bed,
They will teach you self- protection and will keep you whole,
For the time you meet a demon, called the internet troll