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This 'easy read' poem is about an elderly couple who meet on the internet and have their first date at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea. It won the Silversurfers prize for May 2014

The De La Warr Date

New_outfit_rotatedby Claire Baldry17 Oct 2014

He caught the train from Ashford,
Past Winchelsea and Rye
He watched the sheep graze in the fields,
The castle up on high

He wondered what she’d look like,
A last glimpse at her pic,
And as the train approached Bexhill
He felt a little sick

She waited on the platform,
Saw the train approach,
Watched him step out slowly from
The Southern Railway coach

He smiled a little falsely
They struggled up the slope,
A walk was planned together,
He hoped his legs would cope

They stepped out in the daylight,
She looked upon his face.
He seemed to have his own teeth still
And some grey hair in place

He told her of the discount
From his over sixties card
She wasn’t over friendly
Though she tried extremely hard

They walked to the Pavilion,
The sun shone on the sea
They felt the rays fall on their heads
And planned to order tea

There arose a sudden closeness
In the confines of the lift
A sudden upward journey
Which was over far too swift

She waited at the table while
He put the tray in place
She smiled her words of thank you
And he liked her pretty face

They talked of silver surfers
And the pains of dating sites,
Of lonely lives and future plans
Of exes and their rights

They visited the photos
And a room of modern arts
Didn’t understand them
But they opened up their hearts

They left the coast in darkness,
It was almost after eight
The time had passed so quickly,
It was getting rather late

They walked back to the railway,
I don’t know what was planned,
But as they reached the station,
I think he took her hand