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a poem about a girl who finally meets her lover after a long-awaited time. hope you'll like it : )


Candiceby saambhavi : )07 Sep 2020

Again tonight I was, standing all alone,

You weren't there to hold my hand.

I was trying to look for you, trying to meet you

With shifting eyes and insincerity.

I walked through the crowd,

With my smile faked, laughter forced.

You suddenly caught my eye

With your beautiful auburn hair,

That fell loose in ringlets over your forehead.

Holding flowers and with a flashing smile

That went across your flushed cheeks

Had a thousand light sprinkling freckles,

And I could count them all.

Your brown eyes finally met mine.

With your silhouette making its way towards me,

You seem to fill the summer air with merry sparkles.

Handing me the flowers, that matched my white dress

You beamed with more than a cordial smile,

While I exchanged a demure one, receiving the carnations.

And before I could whisper thanks, you weren't to be found,

And again I stood alone, but this time, enchanted.