Temps perdu

Pz-avatarby Paul Cornes04 Dec 2013

How fondly I recall
the dawning and
damp warmth of our
early togetherness.
Hot halcyon days
of urgent coupling
when not a
single sheet
of newspaper
could be wedged
between us.
That was before
the bolster, the book
laden barrier -
chapters, verse,
book by book,
shelf on shelf,
a library -
became a virtual
Berlin Wall
of fantasy,
alternative reality,
cemented by
the outpourings
and imaginings
of ever-distant authors,
whose poetry, prose
and in-print egos
divided heart
from heart’s desire.
Yet walls can be
dismantled, east
reconciled with west,
by bulldozer
or, brick by brick,
just as passion
most assuredly,
can be rekindled
in the glow of
our evening sun.