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A memory from the early 60s of overnight hitch-hiking home from college. The kindness of the Suttons of St Helens' drivers who provided many of those lifts is still appreciated!

Night haul

Pz-avatarby Paul Cornes13 Feb 2015

Paired headlights probe the night,
dipping, flashing, blinking, winking.
HGV men working.

Disgorged from the nocturnal cavern,
a vehicular flow, throbbing through
arteries of commerce.

Herculean diesel engines stalled
on oily lot at the all-night ‘caff’:
company, steaming tea.

Exchanged yarns, the ‘Saga of the Road’,
but, unlike Norse or Mabinogion’,
a drone of engine talk.

Drained mugs signal a return
to lonely cabs. Engine birth pangs
disturb night calm.

Paired headlights probe the night,
vehicular life blood pulsing
through veins of commerce….