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This commemorates an annual outing in 2010 by our village's Real Ale and Poetry Society.


Pz-avatarby Paul Cornes24 Feb 2015

Our journey to the land of Burns
was marked by many twists and turns,
through Stra'ven, skirting river Clyde,
across the Ayrshire countryside,
where the Bard's early years were passed
before the blight of open-cast.
Bypassing faded, jaded Ayr,
no time to spare, to stop and stare
at Rabbie's rural hideaway
off beaten track in Alloway,
to journey's end, stately Culzean,
jewel in Robert Adam's crown,
for respite. Time to look around,
to tour the castle, stroll the grounds.
But those who came by subterfuge
in Glen Park Hotel sought refuge,
declining to rejoin the fray
until much later in the day,
a visit to Ayr Brewery
reward for their chicanery.

So how should we sum up this day?
If with us what might Rabbie say?

Its coastline, castles, cattle, mills,
Its touns, its forest, farmland, hills,
Its Bardic voice that never fails
to 'mind us o' man's joys and ills,
show clearly, if I'm nae mistaken,
there's mair to Ayrshire than its bacon!