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A record of the CRAPS' annual outing in 2009. I believe that Bonchester brie is now back on the market. Highly recommended!


Pz-avatarby Paul Cornes26 Feb 2015

Our outing this year once again
took us to the wall of Hadrian,
a route along which Scotland's 'Flower'
tracked proud Edward in his last hour.
Mosspaul fare, time for a blether,
black-faced sheep, hills crowned with heather,
across clan Armstrong's Reiver lair
to sea salt-scented Solway air.

To a trial at Geltsdale Brewery,
Brampton, where the Cousland jury
tested the amber evidence,
found ales with flavours most intense,
the verdict on those sampled ales
reflected in the after-sales.
For Fiona's fine creation,
unqualified approbation.

Sentence passed upon the brewery,
we headed onward to the Priory,
haunt of old black canon's ghost,
serene, forsaken Lanercost.
A further break at Houghton Hall,
less garden centre than a mall,
a marketplace for wherewithal
spent at Mammon's not Nature's call.

Through Teviotdale to Bonchester,
a final stop for evening fare.
The menu there had much to please,
but one omission - local cheese.
Those creamy curds unpasteurised,
from Jersey herd with doleful eyes,
the deprivation of their taste
a 'jobsworth' crime, a shame, a waste.