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These verses commemorate the very first CRAPS (now annual) 'away day' with partners in 2004.


Pz-avatarby Paul Cornes27 Feb 2015

After the pyre, they doused the fire
where foot and mouth had spread,
and in the slaughtered cattle's byre
a brewery built instead.

When the news of its fine brews
spread north beyond the border,
'twas thought there was no time to lose
a charabanc to order.

The long, slow run down the A1,
in response to the brewer's call,
led to meadows green north of Tyne
at Heddon-on- the-Wall.

The ladies then their way did wend
to Gateshead Metro's shops,
men left behind their minds to bend
round subtleties of hops.

Fun begun, they found in each tun
a different ale to savour,
sampled each one before their return
to partners by the river.

So, after their fill, they set off downhill
to the inn by the bridge over Tyne,
and the 'chore' of sampling more...
until summoned into the sunshine.

Feeling quite full, some took a stroll
to railwayman Stephenson's cottage,
less hardy souls, to keep themselves cool
devoured ice-cream in Wylam village.

The wandering track of the journey back,
passing by Borders laird and yokel,
had just one break, an evening snack,
at an ex-Crapper's Ancrum local.