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Its hard being a father of girls...

My Precious Girl

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart15 Mar 2016

My precious girl is sixteen,
And she is everything to this weak man.
God but I love her and it’s kind of mad like,
For she can’t stand me.
Well I suppose it’s just so, the way of things.
I remember the first day, that first minute,
Handed to me in a towel,
Just looking,
Not crying or anything,
Just looking.
Looking at me with those eyes.
I am the one she saw then,
I am the same one as now.
And at that moment I looked at her, I knew.
I knew she was always from my soul, and would forever live in my heart.
She is a right one is my girl,
She wants me, not at all, I’m just a disgrace,
Aye, a right embarrassment me, cool as a heat rash.
Ha, typical.
God knows but she needs me now.
Like never before,
Like never again, I hope. Not that she’d know it.
Nor would I want her to.
Nah - she doesn’t know the blows I parry, the bruises I bear,
The secret scars that still are raw and sore,
The bleeding, the brokenness,
The loss of face, the biting of my stifled tongue,
Unable to form the words I think to say.
But, for now, that’s the only thing I can do,
For my girl.
My precious, precious girl.

Maybe one day she will be a mother too,
And she might know the things that lie unsaid,
For now.
In heaped up little stones,
In walls too high to climb.
Oh God, Dear God,
Take care of my child,
My precious girl,
When I lie down.