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Ah the hypocrisy of outward religious piety and inward self-worship.
I should know.

I love Jesus, but...

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart09 May 2016

I love Jesus but I like to drink.
Do I disappoint?
I do, I think.
I love Jesus but I like to tell lies,
If it suits the ends,
Then it justifies.
I love Jesus but I’m practiced in guile,
Craft of the fox,
It’s just part of my style.
I love Jesus, but I take lovers to bed,
It makes no difference,
If they’re all in my head.
I love Jesus but I follow the crowd,
I’d rather be liked,
Please don’t say it out loud.
I love Jesus but I worship myself
Adorning my ego in,
The trappings of wealth.
I love Jesus but it’s all an illusion,
This cold contradiction,
This cancerous confusion.
I love Jesus, but who does he see,
When he looks in my heart
At the blackness in me..?