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Mulling over the events of the past few years...

Said and Done

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart29 May 2019

And mug of muddy tea in hand, I look out, at the evening sun,
Watching it fall like a melted toffee pop, into the far hills.
In so doing it bathes the fields and hedge bloom in early summer glory.
The air is rich with smells,
Earth, water, trees, rain, blossom, honey, grass
And soil.
God I just love the smell of wet soil after the rain,
Or the hose I sprayed an hour ago.
And the street outside…
The tarmac has melted in licorice blackness,
Bejeweled in chewing gum.
Stones sunk a little more,
Pressed and rolled by fat rubber, in rippled treads.
Huh – that big Massy, I’ve no doubt,
Back and forth up that bloody road all day,
And night.
Anyway, awakening again, back inside here,
Well I have these crazy dreams…ach…
I catch myself, chasing the echo behind closed eyes.
Think, think, think…yes, but oh dear God no.
It's never been the same since the poison came,
Insidiously, seeping under the radar,
Creeping osmosis
Into everything, choking, soaking, suffocating.
And you know,
When all is said and done,
It’s pointless to pretend it didn’t.
For it did.
So I’ll put the kettle on for another tin mug of self-pity.
Infused flavour from the sun-dried raisin of memories.
That resides in that vacuous space
Between my ears.
Sure I will.
I mean, what else is there to do now..!?