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Mr Angry here has been to the polling station recently to spoil his vote.

Me Arse

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart15 Jan 2020

Here we go again.
Follow the instructions,
The rules are clear, now pay attention.
Put your X in the right box.
And so, weaving my way through a tsunami of sanctimonious bullshit,
And printed lies being shoved at me,
Into the school grounds,
I see him.
Big fecking pompous twat in a suit.
I know where I’d like to put my fecking axe!
Vote for him?
Me Arse.
They are not content with shoving their shite through my letter box,
Or accosting me on the door-step of my own home.
Oh they know my house now,
And the nutter who lives there asking them mad dog questions they cannot answer.
Well not without more shite.
Honestly, where do they get them from,
Fecking arseholes with a mission,
To feck up my happiness, and feather their own nest.
Me Arse.
I mean it’s not like it would kill anyone,
To skip the shit and just do the right thing,
With my money, with my vote, with my life here.
Just fecking same old, same old.
Donkeys in flags, career arseholes
Pressing the button each time.
Just like the fecking arseholes who keep voting for the hurs,
The general public – feck – there is no hope.
Get outa my fecking way.
Vote for them..?
Me fecking Arse.