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A beautiful windswept beach on the Northern Irish north coast. Just beside a village called Portballintrae. Sometimes called "Blackrock Strand" but nick-named Runkerry Beach.
River Bush, Giant's Causeway either side.

Runkerry Sea

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart28 Dec 2013

I often go to paradise,
When its within my reach.
A chance to gather emptiness
Upon a lonely beach.
The coldness is a mantel,
From a North Atlantic gale,
It covers rocks and sand and weeds
And muffles seagulls wail.
A bay of intersection
Where the strands of history meet
The river Bush comes flowing
Spilling all before her seat.
The ancient times of lava
Which once were on the move,
Lie frozen shapes forever
Where the ocean wears them smooth.
I feel the sands and touch the waters edge,
And it gives me Heaven's peace,
For, amidst the changing madness
The thunderous roar of Hellish waves will never cease.
And rounded stones lie scattered
Where the water throws them high,
But it will take them back again, I know,
When autumns sun breaks through the sky.
The current throws me secrets,
A mast, a piece of rope,
Where a long gone ancient mariner
May once have clung to hope.
I see the water birds go in,
No fear they entertain,
They duck the waves and breaking foam
And clasp a mighty lion's mane.
To the east a causeway,
I walk there when its calm,
As did thousands gone, in days of old
Brought past the beach in 'lectric tram.
But I see the same view they once did scour,
And I smell the same salty air,
Full of seaweed, light with spray,
A ragged beauty rare.
I could sit forever
On these rocks that jag the shore,
But the coldness here in winter
Makes my sinusitis sore.
So I'll return to paradise
When I need escape again,
And walk beside Runkerry Sea,
Come hail, come sun, come rain.