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Til death do us part...
This poem was inspired by my grandparents who were soul-mates for almost 65 years.
My grandmother died first (a few months short of their 65th) and I was very moved by the anguish expressed by my Grandfather at the funeral.
He survived her by a number of years living into his 90s.
Theirs was a parting of real sorrow on that day and I know he thought of her a lot in the subsequent years.
He was a tea-totaller, no alcohol, so I've added a line about "solace from a bottle" just to set it apart a little.
But its about him and what he felt.
I'm sorry, I should have made that a little more clearer from the start.
This poem is separate from the one "Heart of Longing" - they do not refer to the same situation necessarily.

Frozen Heart

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart28 Dec 2013

Its been eight years now,
Since you went away.
Leaving fleeting moments
Ghosting past an eternity of time together.
Solace pours from a bottle,
While I sink into the pillow.
Yesterday engulfs me in a tide of intoxication.
And the emptiness of Christmas paper
Reflects uneasy parallels within me,
Torn apart on that morning of pain.
Such pathetic trembling which could not be contained,
Possessed me for a little while.
Oh, it gets no better,
The passing of a few summers.
Stillness stalks abandoned corners of my frozen heart.
Nothing stirs the cobwebs of self pity,
Just your voice,
Laughing, crying, talking, singing,
In a symphony of echoes,
Fading in and out of daydreams
And endless hauntings.
You are my only love,
My first and last of everything.
I will sleep beside you soon again,
Beneath the daffodils in Spring,
And windswept grass of Winter at its worst.