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Yet another commentary of the conflict in Northern Ireland. This was penned in the 1980s.
"Where Heaven briefly shone", a line in the poem, was going to be the title, but Shadows were everywhere.
The line refers to the fact that Saint Patrick once brought Christianity to Ireland, and we perverted it so badly that we unleashed the dogs of hell.


Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart18 Jan 2014

Endless night,
Brief interlude
To inbred hurt and pain,
We closed our eyes to all our sins
And hoped they’d gone again.
There’s talking, and there’s walking
Down a narrow path of guilt,
We think we’re making progress
On the blood our fathers spilt.
In the end of all things, darkness,
And the monster has not gone,
The ghouls and demons gather
Where Heaven briefly shone.
We’re face to face with compromise
We’re toe to toe with death,
There’s talk of fights, of human rights,
Our fate hangs on its breath.
No chance of moral cleansing,
Or painless absolution,
From years of bitterness and hate,
And other mind-pollution.
We cannot hide from truth
Yet we cannot face the blame,
No way to deal with all the sin,
The result is still the same.
Shadows ever-present
Brings the Darkness to the fore,
Unless we block the road to Hell
They’ll stalk us evermore.