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Hoaked this one out from a pile of old scribbles (I must stop looking!).
Another one based on a true setting and scenes I have witnessed. Not much political correctness but this is how it was.
The farm. Group of men out working - hard manual labour. Time for tea. Farmers wife has it all ready - a feast! Hence the Fade o' Mait (a feed of meat, as they say!). They gather at kitchen table and frenzy feed.
Och... awa' wi' this quare'll hay tay jist "unnerstan" it...!

The Fade o' Mait

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart25 Jan 2014

Tis aft when I am hungered,
An' I'm almost bluttered out,
In mind o' sweet potates glare
In han' a glass o' stout.
Jimmy-Charlie calls the time for tay,
To take us fray the strait
The gladsome eye beholds with joy
A great big fade o' mait.
And she's aye wan for gulderin,
Yet doin' whats she's bid
Way slaps o' bread and "Country Gauld"
He's woman haulds the lid.
The kettles on the piddle,
No man need hif tay ask
Attend the men wi' thankfulness
Sure she's grateful for the task.
Wi' poundies an' the soda
An' half a wad o' chaze,
We'll gulp it down between the tay
An' take al, just to plaise.
Now crack is almost over,
An' we'd better lift the spade,
But it won't be lang til we'll partake o'
Another fade o' mait.