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This is an older one of mine written over 20 years ago as I reminisced about a student summer I spent in Dublin in 1982.

I worked with a guy who has been my best friend in life so far, even now, we sold copied ink drawings of famous Irish places (Trinity College, Bunratty Castle etc) and flogged them to tourists. In fact one hotel even gave us money to "beggar off on up the road and stop pestering the busses as they arrive!". We walked around everywhere on the south side of Dublin and done all the streets in the affluent areas. Sold a pile of stuff.

It was a glorious summer - heatwave all summer long, the World Cup was on telly and my beloved Norn Iron got to the quarter-finals and put out Spain!

They were halcyon days indeed - young, free and single and having a laugh with friends.

Summer of Dreams

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart22 Feb 2014

I wish I was back
To that summer a few years ago,
To be with the people as I knew them then,
When time went so slow.
Days on the street,
Selling our lines and buying a laugh,
We had a heck of a time and a half.
The sun always shone,
And we made enough to get by,
So we’d lie on our backs and soak it all up,
And stare at our limit, the sky.
We would talk,
We shared a lifetime in weeks,
The valleys were low,
But we climbed to the top of our peaks.
And the city would open her hand,
So we could walk down her roads,
Spilling our banter like sawdust,
And sharing our loads.
And in the evening,
We’d go out at the end of the day,
See a film, have a packet of chips and a bun,
And blow all our pay.
But who cares, it was class,
Each week would give us new insight,
But the end of the heat of the summer
Approached like the night…

..These days, I go back on the train now and then,
I still keep in touch with a few.
The years cannot darken the memories,
That are lived in my head ever new.
But I really wish I was back;
What I’d give to go through it again.
My summer of dreams lives forever,
As alive now, as it was then.