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I must stop hoaking in cupboards!

I wrote this poem to my wife, in 1986, two years before I met her.
I thought about her a lot then.
And on our wedding night, I read her this poem and told her it was now fulfilled.

Distant Presence

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart23 Feb 2014

I am alone, and bitter feels the coldness of another day,
As I await.
But, I have eyes that look a glance at time’s unrolling view.
In my thoughts you always dwell, ghosting through my dreams,
I feel your distant presence,
Even now, my one true unrequited love.
Each day, each hour, each minute grows the endless longing of my impatient need
Unstated, unrelenting in its quest for your perfection.
And our completion.
Anticipating bliss unbridled, a captive bird set free,
Imagining touch, so gentle, as a morning dew,
Frustrated in unknowing of your warmness by my side, or of your hand in mine,
Are we, too long unmet.
But when together we will one day join, then if I had a wish come true
‘Twould be that you will surely know
That I have always loved you through all time.
Yes I, though born and taught of imperfection, have always loved you.
That I forever will that love unwrap anew.
So with you I will live as one,
And if I had to I would even die
That you might see another day,
And I would know no other.
This mystery sublime, it seems to me,
In unfathomable hope resides.
The very thought of you stirs my very heart and living soul
With images unpainted, words unwritten yet.
Still my embrace must a little longer wait
For you in me, and me in you,
Forever one…that I might whisper - come to me my wedding bride…