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Sort of belated tribute to Seamus Heaney this one - inspired by The Sally Rod.
My experience of sixth form involved a bully in one of my classes. It was hard work to show that he didn't intimidate me and I did, but I have to admit I have "residual anger".
I have to work hard at my I've attempted to see some comic irony in it now...

I'm over all that!

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart10 Mar 2014

Endless frittering of an afternoon,
Misspent middle age, maybe, yes,
Trawling, trawling, trawling, on LinkedIn, see who’s on the up.
Then curiosity gets the better of me, being a nosey beggar.
And there you are.
All prosperous and middle-class,
With nice profile, you’ve done well, lovely hair by the way,
Good for you, y’ bugger.
I could just slap your fat ugly bake.
I see some half-wits have endorsed you for “Teamwork”.
Stupid, gullible eejits.
You must have done your thing on them too.
Do you mind?
You know - when you made my life a living misery,
In Chemistry Class?
Acting hard like.
Go on, think hard, do you mind?
Swaggering about like John fecking Wayne.
More like the arse-end of his feckin’ horse, ye bag of shite.
Yes, I think I’ll endorse you on LinkedIn for being an “Accomplished Bag of Shite”.
But I’m over all that, I’ve moved on,
Couldn’t care less.
Well, other than being able to give you one, big, long, good, hard auld slap,
On your big fat middle-aged juicy jowls.
Aye, I’m well over all that!