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It must be coming up soon. Election fever.
Brings out the Grumpy old git in me.


Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart14 Apr 2014

I’m just sitting here looking at you,
And that big bake on ye,
And I get to thinking that your inflated head has only one purpose,
To keep those humungous flapping ears apart.
I mean, you come on the TV and run over the same auld shite,
The same feckin’ useless bollocks,
And you get paid to say it.
By me.
After all, you are a servant of the people,
And all the donkeys who voted you in.
The peoples champion.
Gay flimmin’ weddings – gimme a pink vote,
Keep the Johnny Foreigner out, gimme a ‘tash and a uniform.
And “flaigs”.
Bloody flaigs, burn the feckin’ lot of them!
Gordon H Bennett I can’t listen to this, gimme that remote!
Switching over, who do I see..?
Francis Drake you’re on all the flimmin’ channels.
It’s that feckin’ pain-in-the-arse time again.
And pressing buttons like mad I finally escape to intellectual heaven,
Come Dine with Me.
Well, better than Buggerlugs anyway.