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I actually did this one time. Had to settle with an old adversary. Part 2 to follow soon - what actually happened...

The Letter (1)

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart16 Apr 2014

I guess it had been coming a long time now,
After all the comical farce,
Only without the comical.
It was like ages ago, I know, but…
So I pushed myself into a seat,
I fumbled with the keyboard,
Finger touched the buttons, without pressing…
Just thinking…
How could I…I mean…what…
The testosterone was raw then, him and me,
Coursing the lines, joining the dots.
Two big men, at logger-heads, justice at stake, possession of the higher ground.
I was in the right though, it was obvious to all.
Everyone could see it, they told me so.
Court made it clear too.
No question.
Then the subterfuge, the cloak and daggers,
Looked across graveyards, standing there.
At enmity.
Burying our mutual acquaintances.
Offering piety with mouths full of dry gravel.
Pretending to not see each other.
Real careful to make sure we didn’t accidentally…
Playing the long game of cat and mouse.
Two small men, smaller than ants, locked in a dance to the death over a crumb.
Yea I was right, he was in the wrong.
I was only doing my job, I mean he deserved all that came to him,
And then some.
Yes I remember now, but funny how with age,
The testosterone seems in shorter supply.
Typed date.
Dear me.
No, I’ll just…oh bugger…
Lets talk. Fancy a coffee?
Call me.
Short and sweet, dripping in lemon juice.
Address, stamp, post.
I can’t believe I’ve just done that!
He’ll laugh, now he has seen my weakness.
He’ll say I have a guilty conscience.
As if.
He’ll show it to his cronies.
Too late now.
Anyway I’m just giving him the chance to apologise, to reflect, to change.
I don’t need to do that, I think I made that clear.
In the letter.