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Och this is just a ten minute muse...a meditation on a favourite theme of mine.

Grant's Theory of Violent Quantum Parallels

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart31 May 2014

No-one likes a smart-arse, that’s for sure,
Least of all me.
Unless, of course, it is me.
But then, I’m a bit of a Planck.
And I suffer delusions of trilobal interpretation.
Three for the price of one,
What happened, what is happening, and what has yet to happen.
OK it’s not an actual word, but you get my drift.
I have this theory, see,
And it kind of…
Well it goes like this.
For every action there is a consequence,
For every consequence there is an effect,
For every effect there is a time-related acceleration,
For every time related acceleration there are two possible outcomes:
It can be passed on, in generational wave-form, down the years,
Multiplying new actions, propagating itself, and the cycle continues.
It can be walloped on the head with a large Quantum Mallet,
And stopped.
Before it accelerates away,
Before it passes on.
Both possibilities can exist in parallel.
Supposing it is stopped, what is the consequence of that?
A black hole?
Ah the Planck again…
The result is a different effect,
A different time-related acceleration,
A different generational wave-cycle, of self-propagation.
See, it isn’t really stopped, just changed.
You can’t stop it.
But you can change it.
So Change it.
What is a Quantum Mallet?
Well it’s a highly technical gismo thingy, oozing of nanoscience.
A thing called…
And it’s mate, Overlooking.
Even works on Plancks…
Get walloping..!
That’s the violent bit.
Grant’s Theory of Violent Quantum Parallels.