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Nope, haven't a clue what this is all about either. I just know I had to write it down. Its deeply spiritual and related to previous writings like "No Contest" and some others.
I think its about me, but I'm not sure. It seems to be a comment about forgiveness and I absolutely relate to the narrative in the middle about this.
Please send all interpretations on a £20 note to "The Mad Poet, Eglinton, Northern Ireland". It should get here OK.

Return of the Soldier

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart19 Jun 2014

And as I sit in the gutter, and pat my wee mud pie,
Broken, bandaged stick stored beside, ready for the grab,
Adding adornments from the detritus that flows,
Through storm gulley along this grey street,
I look up.
Ah here we go again, the air thick with acidic tension.
Yes the mêlée, yes the roaring, yes the flags dripping in martyrs blood.
Ever the self-righteous,
Addicted to the imperative to take offense.
I should know.

And yet, therein I hear a different tune, just sitting,
Beating to the flutter of a different wing.
At the edge of my field of vision something looms, suddenly,
Drawing my eyes to itself.
And there he is, standing in rags,
Perfumed in Butyric Anhydride,
Motionless, frightening, massive, formidable, intimidating,
Staring at me, staring back.
Smug as Hell.
He has it all sewn up, oh yes, all sewn up.
And yet, something in his eyes…
In his red translucent eyes of furnace fire, yep I can see it.
Horror of horrors, he has fear.
Confused, I think…he has the wrong person,
Hoping, praying.
And seeing him there, face to face, I knew this was the hour.
I pulled myself up off the ground and squared him,
As if compelled by some inner force.
My lips moved, words came out,
“I see you Dark, I’ve had enough now.
More lies for a thousand lifetimes.
I am nothing of any consequence, as you well know,
But I want you to know something else,
I forgive because…I am forgiven much!”

Astonished at the sound of my own voice,
I resumed my seat on the kerb, head down, trying hard to ignore him.
Shaking, shivering, terrified of what I said in bold recklessness.
Not believing this was real.
Suddenly he reels, tumbling, scattering, cursing, roaring.
Too afraid to look up I sense a new protagonist.
I avert my eyes, such is the brightness that surrounds me.
I felt a touch on my shoulder, and a calm voice.
And I saw it in his eyes, in his deep and piercing eyes…
“I told him to have a go if he was hard enough.
He did. He wasn’t. He’s done now.
I am Light.
But you know me as Hope.
Now, leave the mud pies, throw away the broken stick and fall in soldier!”