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Maybe I ate too much cheese, maybe it was the wine. Maybe I live in a twilight zone. But whatever it was, whatever I am, I had an encounter. And it was like it happened before I was born.
Ok maybe I'm just a teeny bit psychotic..!

The Encounter

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart07 Nov 2014

All is still.
And in the quiet, I feel the air move, in fluid lines,
In and out, and in.
And out.
Softness falling, all around me,
Petalling down in rose-scented mist,
Dusting sweet as icing sugar.
Opening up my trembling heart I sense warmth,
And as I live, move and have my very being,
You…are here with me,
Walking in my wakened dream.
And for once I am not alone.
I know this place, so familiar, yet unseen,
This the cradle before the day of my birth…
Here I was formed in precision and purpose.
Feels like home.
A distant shore laps in pulsing wave,
I feel my heart beat in perfect rhythm to the water music,
Feeding me, lifting me, holding me.
You are here with me.
And looking out, beyond my melting fear,
I can see you, through eyes of crystal,
Rainbow’s colours painting the cosmic eternity behind you,
This...the circle of unspeakable beauty.
Your face… radiant smile, shimmering robes,
Like crushed velvet, brighter than sun.
My gaze is drawn to your crimson sash,
Red as blood.
I hear my name,
As something touches my head,
Pure, shining, radiant, sparkling,
And my soul leaps in recognition complete.
I don’t want to go back.
I close my eyes, overcome with heaviness,
I am gone.
And on opening I see the cold walls,
Gradually aware of the growing intrusion of clock’s tick.
Ach these dreams…