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I received this "call". I realise I must sound like I am completely bonkers. It has been part of a journey I have been on since about July. I don't pretend to understand everything I write. But I do know this - this call is very personal can make up your own minds..!

The Call...

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart02 Dec 2014

Come with me my friend,
Bewildered there, with eyes that cannot fully see,
Come to where the noise and pain will end,
There put to sleep, and buried deep with me.
The Man of Yesterday, he boldly stands,
Complete and resolute, determined there to tightly grip,
And you in sifting minutes through your open fingered hands,
Feel time escaping in its slimy, slither slip.
But enter in the room that I prepare,
For this my house was built with strong and living words,
Framed in mighty boughs of Lebanon’s fine fir cut smooth and square,
Once the cooling shade for horse, and shelter there for soaring birds.
Ah yes, step into the quiet here, where I await,
With open hands to give, and secrets yet to tell,
I gaze with longing eyes affixed upon the far off gate,
And coolness of the water here, I drew for you, from living, flowing Well.
So come to me and look into my eyes,
And you will see the colours of another world so near,
The Circle there Unspeakable in Topaz Beauty, set in endless skies,
Announcing peace, quenching thirst, singing the dawn, and melting all your fear.
I AM The One who sends the Word upon its way,
Flying out, a flaming sword, to cut asunder foolish lies once swallowed,
And I make known the end of time to start another day,
I AM Life, I AM Water, I AM Bread, I AM Lifted up and when I call, yes, I AM Followed.
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see,
Can you hear the sound of breathing as we, in the Quiet, stare?
Look into my soul and dive into the deepest part of me,
And tell me what you think you might find there.
I give you water, taste its sweetness, you will see,
Let us walk in evening coolness of the setting sun,
Come to The Garden and there touch the ever-living tree,
Here in the Quiet hush your haste, there is no need to run.
I AM Lifted up for all to Gaze upon my face,
I AM poured out for all to come and drink my blood,
I AM laid low for all to see me carry my disgrace,
You look for me across the Lake of Tears where we once stood.
I AM NOT the one with folded arms, who stands aloof,
With feet that dare not to the Sorrow Mountain tread,
I carried grief, tasted vinegar and gall and now I AM, the Living Proof,
That Death, once King of Earth is really, truly dead.
Turn to me your face that I may touch your eyes,
Anointing them for purpose set apart,
To see the things that I once saw, to make you wise,
See the glory of my Name, and satisfy the longing of your heart.
Come into the Quiet, where you and I will meet today,
Receive my gift of meaning there, that I to you must give.
Open up a little more to me, and hear what I must say.
Come into the Quiet, Look at me, and live…