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I like the odd beer now and then and have sample a few from around the world. But I remember the first time long ago...


Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart27 Jan 2015

I remember that first time I sipped.
Well actually the second.
The first time…ah then…I was just a wee lad,
Sat in the kitchen, in nineteen sixty six,
Addressing the glass, man to man,
Father to son.
Double Diamonds I think.
He poured out a glass of the stuff,
All frothy and full of bottled foam.
Pat on the head, that’s my boy!
Jeepers Creepers but I near choked.
Gagged actually.
But here I sat long ago at, well…
Nineteen for goodness sake,
And supping the Devil’s Buttermilk.
Gulping to the rhythm of old-time preaching.
Spring water on yeast, barley and hops,
Trickling over brimstone,
Seared in the Fire of self-damnation itself.
Boy but it was good.
All the more for taking the forbidden fruits of the field.
A dark ale actually since you asked,
All hoppy and aromatic.
I think it was the coldness of it that took me first,
Sating the thirst,
Droplets forming on the outside of the glass.
Pock-marked in bumps, like some mad brown Dalek thing,
Exterminating my inhibitions,
Cold as ice.
So it sits there in front of me,
The odd tear making its way down the glass,
Gathering speed and momentum,
Drawing my eye, willing it on,
Intoxicated in pointless fascination.
And then…
Then the sharpness of the first kick,
To the tongue.
I think that was the bubbles, the fiz, so-to-speak.
Aye, it was good, I’ll say that, for sure.
And I remember the scally who brought me to it.
He messed with my brain.
So much so,
I’ve been at it ever since.
I’ll drink to that!
Oh gosh but I remember the first time…