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You get to a certain age, a watershed when...

Just Could Not Be Arsed

Fdf5205c-8b5b-4da8-a6dc-63fe28d680a9by Billy J. Stewart04 Feb 2015

It’s a long list this,
My executable backlog,
Loading up the stress on my creaking bones
Drawing me against my will
To think about what needs sifted and sorted.
Such a tatty list, on tatty paper,
Well bugger it,
I’d better get started, only,
I just could not be arsed.
What happened, and did I just suddenly get lazy?
Did my resolve to complete and finish just vanish,
With the memory of youthful vanity?
Do it and die, ha, I don’t think so!
Where did the joy of satisfaction go,
The i’s dotted, the t’s crossed on every jot and tittle.
I used to love doing that, but now,
I mean, but now, you know what…
I just could not be arsed.
I’d rather spend a slothful day reclining,
Floating around in my empty brain,
Enjoying the space and vacuous rapture of procrastination,
Supping another coffee,
Peeing it out, and back for more.
It needs done, this list.
Ach I’ll get to it, eventually, but for now,
I really, really just could not be arsed.