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I am going through a bad break up right now, and here's how I feel inside.

The Journey To Unearth Your Love

F1c7f4795ad48cf5c33393367882faecby Psammist Le Poet29 Mar 2015

How deep your roots are buried in my heart,
For they remain inside like earth's crust.
Though my soul aches to thrust,
I still cannot see me and you apart.
Lately, this love thing has became a weird maze,
A place that I have never been before.
Its gently becoming a typical and huge bore,
Always trying to relive our glory daze.
It is like we were playing marco polo,
Always in two different courts.
In this love game you always came in short,
Always leaving me to journey on solo.
I am done being your ventriloquist dummy,
I am sick and tired of being your slave.
I felt like I was digging my own grave,
For loving you always left my heart scummy.
I couldn't stomach the tears at first,
How every night felt like I was reading the same script.
Patiently jostling through the same movie every night,
For sometime I even thought that I was cursed.
How deep the scars were rooted,
They were as drenched as the Titanic in the ocean.
Patiently covering my entire heart like a lotion,
And somehow gassed my soul and left it polluted.
This is my first time dealing with this kind of fight,
I swear, I have never loved anyone this way before.
Though it was fun, loving has lately become a chore,
Perhaps our day has finally reached its night.
Unearth your love from my heart, I beg of you,
I can't stomach this relationship anymore.
I was at my best when you wanted something more,
Though this is goodbye, I will never stop loving you.