Profilepicby Paul Welbourn26 Oct 2014

Friday night air, fusty with frisky pheromones,
A pandemic fever advances city wide.
The crowd of foreign bodies invade and roam
Please stay in your homes; do not venture outside.

Feral prides forage for a fleeting fumble
Magaluf faces flood into innocent streets,
Where frivolous rebels Jeweled up to the eyeballs
Drink enough Red Bull to stay awake for weeks.

Flesh within futile fashions physically falter,
Each waiting woman a trembling fabric frame.
Thin fig leaves fail in the al fresco freezer.
Dancing with exposure: an old drinking game.

Tribal clans furiously fighting for freedoms,
Already living by the foot and the fist,
What do they know? They're fifteen; just children,
Believing successful nights end with conflict.

Without change, life will be filled with fury,
Fishbowl souls with bailiffs at the door,
Fruitless lives are frittered when tempers fray,
F-Bombs dropped by guerilla's in their war.

The crowd of bodies continue to invade and roam
Please do not venture outside. Lock yourselves in your homes.