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This poem is dedicated to the man I'm in love with

The Man I Prayed For

Pz-avatarby Audrey B.14 Apr 2014


I prayed so many times, for a man to love me unconditionally
I prayed night and day, I prayed endlessly
I prayed for so long, I thought GOD had given up on me
I prayed and prayed, while the tears eased out of my eyes
I prayed for a man to show me his flaws, and not hide behind a disguise
I prayed for strength to flee temptation, so that the wrong man wouldn't make my head turn
I prayed for knowledge and wisdom, so I could always remember the lessons that I've learned
I prayed that we would have something in common, so I prayed for an imperfect soul
I prayed that I would love you unconditionally,mentally,emotionally,spiritually and physically
well that's my goal
I thank GOD daily for blessing me with you, no other man has ever made my heart dance the way that you do
Well now it's in the open for the world to see, all the praying and crying GOD was preparing me
My King is here, My King is here, and GOD made him for imperfect me, I call him my Everything Else, but his name is Mr.Harvey
I find myself reading our messages and getting so excited, I start smiling,singing,and dancing all over the floor, heart rate up, but it's all worth it, because I waited on GOD and he blessed me with, THE MAN I PRAYED FOR.