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This poem is a "reply letter" to a poem my daughter "wrote to me" (I actually wrote it to myself from her perspective) anyway.. In this poem I am acknowledging what "she said to me" and telling her how much I love her.


Rabbie_serumulaby Rabbie Serumula10 Jun 2014

I would cry for eternity
Boil my tears till they are clean enough water
Water for you to drink, I love you my daughter.
This is a reply letter to the one you wrote to me
You wrote it with your drool on my face
You and I connect in the concrete and abstract space
In your love letter you fell asleep in my arms
So, listen to my pulse, you can hear it hum
My rib cage is the goat skin on the head of a djembe drum
Its vibration is a spirit and flesh brain spark modulator
So when you think about me
Your aura gets goose bumps that synchronizes with my heart beat
I cut the left side of my chest to prove that my heart bleeds – for you
For you I would hold my breath till I’m blue
Just so you could live two seconds longer
You eased this warmonger- Rabbie wrote
Your smile? Your smile strums me the sixteenth note
Astral projection is like telepathy on steroids
If you love, really love… you can channel the force
Direct it and shatter an asteroid
Baby girl I forgot to mention
I telekinetically teleport to another dimension
When you call me … Dada