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The melodious strains of the early warbler awoke my poetic feelings to write this poem.

The Unseen Divine Singer

Dadby Raghav R15 Dec 2016

The Unseen Divine Singer

Wherefrom floweth such notes divine
That enrapture the heart mine?
Art thou Nightingale, Lark or someone new
Who singeth hiding from my view?

I see thee in my mind's eye
Sitting atop the perch high
And singing such soulful songs
Which to thy throat belongs;

My heart singeth along with thee,
Dost thy heart too warble with me?
Phoebus in the Heaven standeth still
Much against his own will;

Thy songs weaveth a magic spell
Echoing through vale and dell,
Neptune's realm forgets to swell
And there's a quiet even in the Hell;

Even the gods in Heaven are spellbound
By thy mellifluous tunes and sound
That float across all the region
And mesmerise the hearts that are legion;

The world is held in a swoon
That lingers as you croon,
The spell breaketh when the notes end
And inferior sounds begin our ears to offend.