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The poem calls upon Helen to lament for those dead on account of her elopement with Paris and the resultant destruction of Troy

Destruction of Troy

Dadby Raghav R15 Dec 2016

Daughter of Zeus and Leda, Helen,
Why are you so sullen?
Magnificent Troy is in flames
For which you everyone blames,
Why did you break the marital bond
And with Paris suddenly abscond?

Why did you succumb to Paris’ words?
See how many have drawn their swords,
Don’t you feel for the dead and the dying
And for their wives and children who are crying?
How flippant and whimsical you are
The sacred marital vows to mar!

Look at the numerous valiants dead
And how to the burning pyres their bodies are fed,
What a tragedy for the King of Troy
Who has fallen victim to a ploy,
The wooden horse has brought him grief
And the lives of many have been made brief;

Cry Helen, cry, for the fallen
Who’ve died because of a Helen,
The glory of Troy is gone,
It’ll turn to ashes before dawn,
Weep Helen, weep, for the dead
From whom life has already fled.

Raghav R