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A most common scene, a not so unusual occurrence and a most ordinary event such as a ‘water droplet on a leaf' has acted as a catalyst prompting me to record my feelings –profound – in the form the above verse .

Life of a Water Droplet

Dadby Raghav R16 Dec 2016

It was a pearly sphere,
Running in aimless circles,
Glittering and radiating
The wondrous rainbow colours,
Upon the green floating leaf--
Its home for a vanishing moment.

Spurred by the wandering breeze,
This gift of the Heaven ,
Played a game enchanting,
Moving upon the leafy surface,
Changing its rotund shape
Into some myriad forms;

My heart leaped to my mouth
When the pearly sphere
In a wild moment of glee
Or goaded by a tendency suicidal,
Rolled to the very edge
Of the shivering, pulsating leaf,
Only to return to the middle;

Then came a sudden gust of wind,
Shaking the trees tall
And heaving the green leaves
Floating upon the once-calm waters;
My leaf and my pearl
Shivered in a perilous dance;

Alas! the pearly sphere,
The beautiful glittering jewel,
The tiny droplet of water
Rolled off its leafy home
And drowned itself in a move swift,
To lose its unique form
Amidst the sheet of water
That filled the sprawling lake.

Raghav R