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The magnificent, spellbinding grandeur of the mighty waterfall shows its awesome power and reminds one of the Almighty who has created such wonders in Nature.

The Wondrous Waterfall

Dadby Raghav R16 Dec 2016

The Wondrous Waterfall

From the lofty mountain heights
Thunders down the waterfall
In a mist of white spray
That flies in droplets of gold
Catching the orange sunrays
In a display of fireworks unique;

Reaching down in a cascade,
A frothing river it becomes;
A gauntlet to the brave it throws
Challenging them to swim upon the waves,
And tame them, if they dare,

Tuning, tumbling and twisting,
Heaving, weaving and whirling,
It roars past unhindered
To lose itself amidst ravines
And the steep valleys beyond;

Dwarfed by the waterfall I stand
In a state of awe and reverence,
A cloud of spray hits my face
And I see in the spray the creator’s face.

Raghav R