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The poem deals with the reality of a city devastated by a calamitous earthquake and its aftermath.

A City in Ruins

Dadby Raghav R22 Dec 2016

Smoke and dust fill the air,
Bodies dead lie scattered everywhere,
Metal poles stand dangerously bent,
The wounded lie crowded in a tent;

Buildings stand tottering, ready to fall
On the broken neighbouring wall,
In ruins lie the once-prosperous town,
The quake has brought the buildings down;

Muffled sound of groans are heard,
Shell-shocked people can’t utter a word,
People walk like zombies dazed,
Looking very much like people crazed;

Blood of the dead and the dying together flow,
Coursing their way to the muddy pool below,
The thick fluid then spreads on the road
Merging with the remains of a toad;

The silence is pierced by an occasional scream
Drawing the attention of the search team,
Beaming their torches in the dark night,
They look for people in deathly fright;

While thousands have been laid low,
The survivors know not where to go,
They huddle together to ward off the cold-
Men, women, wounded and sick, young and old;

As night shrouds the town in its fold
And holds the town in merciless cold,
The city lies in ruins and dread,
Where people will fight for a loaf of bread.

Raghav R