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A poem about how I walked through far distance in search of love but finally found it where I belong

In the Search of Love …

4f1579111d7c680b9e93fce3e1746fc3by Rajni Rethesh30 Aug 2013

Leaving the soul behind,
I traveled the heights of Himalaya,
Swam the depths of Ganges,
Crossed the vastness of Sahara,
In the search of love.

Walked I,
Through the thorny scrubs of Deccan,
The labyrinths of Sundarbans,

Eerie alleys,
Green meadows,
Bustling Metros,
I meandered through all!

Love hid itself,
Amid the obscurity of denseness.

Muddled thoughts,
Hopeful soul,
With no heart to budge.
A bleak remembrance of
Grandma’s tales,
Traversed me
To another land
To witness Aphrodite,
The epitome of love.
Yet …
Feelings of mine,
Didn’t get any dope.

My foot strolled me,
Back to the soul,
Where my existence reside.

Epiphany it was!
To feel the dope of love
In the soul I left behind.