Mcc.1111by robert mccolley13 Apr 2014

Moving forward with quiet exemplitude/
Extraordinary circumstance/
Has muddied the way/
Loose footing on the pave/
Nails bitten raw and cut from the grip/
Knees tattered and broke/
Shoulders worn and bent/
Eyelids red and puffy from wanting to see/
Even a glimmer of light in the distance/
Tears ooze from them/
Thick and puss like/
Filled with remorse/
Maybe regret/
More than I had planned at the get/
Now facing myself each day/
The broken tender meat/
That stands before me/
Staring into a void/
That is leading me on/
To a resting place/
One of the few/
I am looking forward to.

- RAmccolley (c) 2014