Ode to the life

Mcc.1111by robert mccolley15 Apr 2014

To walk the wilting grass oh grievance/
See the falling rain from high/
Feel the wind with it’s heavy sigh/
Hear the creek of the age old tree/
Watch the mountain crumble to the sea/
I hear the ocean cry in waves/
And the birds cry out on sunless days/
Living creatures die away/
Precious moments that do not stay/
To look and see the glitter of life/
What should be living turned to strife/
When standing up becomes a fall/
A dark deceit that affects us all/
Why do we sleep and not to wake/
Here we toil for our graves to make/
Passionately I write here stitch by stitch/
To lay me down in a six foot ditch.

- RAmccolley (c) 2014