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The theme of love and lovers, especially life long lovers, always seem to get my attention. I think that is when we are most raw and defenseless.

Not all time heals

Mcc.1111by robert mccolley15 Apr 2014

I could hear the gentle footsteps upon the stairs/
The creek of wood would give her away/
She would laugh as she peered around the corner/
“I see you,” I would say from my armchair/
She would reply with, “I’m not hiding.”/

Puttering about in my shed I would feel her presence/
Turning to the small, dirty window/
I would see her eyes peeking through/
Again she would laugh and come in with that smile/
“I made us some lunch,” she would say proudly/

Scarping the bottom of my pipe/
I smell the sweet scent of her presence/
Above the room note of tobacco/
I would turn to look, even stand in want/
But the room falls silent/

I miss you so much Elaine/
I miss you so much…

- RAmccolley (c) 2014