The Day Before You Came

Pz-avatarby Rapture104 Jul 2014

I have always lived in the moment
never worried about the future
never questioned the past,

have turned a page in the book-of-life.



I have excavated your existence from a concrete floor in the
out-house of my mind wearing a stained dress
of golden thread, with one desire to bring you home.

My acid fears hot burning tears spilled on Naked ground,
my shattered heart still beating blood as I drilled without a sound,the cracks they came a creaking as I was on my knees,
I felt the earth beneath me, t'was then I heard you breathe.

With eyes as bright as spot-lights to search the living dead!
I dug my fingers deep into this room inside my head
frantic was my tool of choice, its all I have to offer
you are worth your 'wait' in gold, like I know no other.

I saw your hand reach out to me I Grabbed it with my mouth-
my lips a grip... a Mothers 'tale' the gate-way past the hounds.
Not a word was spoken, no praise or criticize
a mission just to clarify your unseen ultra-sound?

I looked at you this morning,
you studied me in quest!
that begged the question who are you?
and why you quietly left,
I've never liked my shadow
for I was only two...when you escaped...but no one sees I found myself in you!.

My words to you this new born day, are for eyes-and-ears alone
No matter what your purpose is, your blessed that you were born...I made my bed this evening, and lie in it I shall
no covers here but fearless needs, in the birth of life's canal.