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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. 1918-2013. Hamba kakuhle Tata. Go well, go beautifully, goodbye Madiba.

The enemy

Pz-avatarby RB Campbell06 Dec 2013

When the enemy
Came out, he was taller than
Expected. He waved
And smiled a great deal.
When the enemy came out
He looked quite friendly
Under the circumstances.
Cool as a cucumber
That hot February afternoon.

Thank you, my friends
For getting me out, he said.
I am no prophet
I am your servant
My life
Is in your hands.
And victory is within reach.
We know how to fight
And see no reason to stop now.
I think we could talk
To the enemy, he said.
But it's not up to me.
It never was.
It never will be.
It's up to you.
It's up to them.

The mountain's long shadow licks across the sandy plain.

The enemies do talk.
A country in mid-air, circling a runway
Under construction
Under attack
Our nightmares fight their nightmares
Nobody wins.
The enemies talk some more.

And then, we're standing
On green grass fields
On dirt roads
In school halls
On pavements
In the longest queues anyone has ever seen
To vote for him.

He brought us down,
He showed us the queue for
We're still building the landing strip
Our nightmares and hijackers
Have shoot-outs in the corridors.

But you're tall, Madiba.
Even from here, in
The noisy, dancing
Singing, weeping crowd
We can still see you.